The Village Lottery is back on 3rd October

The first draw of the Michael Hardinge Trust Village Lottery will be on 3rd October.

“The Michael Hardinge Trust (or MHT) has two main roles in the village.  Firstly, to provide educational grants for Horley’s young people, and secondly to maintain the School Hall as venue for local groups and village events.

The village lottery is an important source of funding for these aims.  For those who have supported us in the past – thank you and we hope you will continue.  For those new to the village and those who haven’t taken part before – please consider joining in to support us.

It only costs £1 per week per number and the weekly prize is £30.  You buy a number between 1 and 59, and the winning number each week is the National Lotto Bonus Ball drawn on Saturday.  It couldn’t be easier!

We will be  getting in touch with everyone soon, but if you would like to join online please contact me directly by email on or phone 01295 738334 and I will get back to you with full details and payment options.  Thanks to those who have already responded. I’ll be in touch shortly.

I hope you will be able to support us.   Many thanks.”

John Tite