Michael Hardinge Trust old

The Trust maintains the spirit of Michael Hardinge who died in 1627 and left a sum of money for the provision of a school to educate the children of Horley. As there is no longer a school in the village, the Trust aims to distribute funds to support Horley Children at various stages in their education.

Grants are available to children and young people resident in Horley Parish at the time of the application. There are three different types available:

1. Universal grants are a fixed sum paid to every child on request at the start of the following stages of their education:

    • £100 -Secondary education (usually Year 7)
    • £150 – A-levels, college training apprenticeships etc. (Year 12 or equivalent)
    • £250 –  further education; University or other accredited training (which is unpaid or paid below the relevant minimum wage) at age 18 to 25 –   (New for 2014)

The due date is first day of the relevant educational year or training course.

2. Discretionary Grants may be made at the discretion of the trustees in response to a specific written request by a village resident or a group of residents up to 25 years old. The application can be made at any time and must relate to a specific educational project or activity. The applicant(s) must demonstrate the educational value of the grant. The value of such a grant may be up to £500 and will be assessed at the next regular meeting of the Trustees, which usually takes place every three months.

A discretionary grant may also be considered in the case of financial hardship or special need. In this case please discuss in confidence with any trustee who will assist with the application.

3. Annual Award: the trustees may decide to offer a larger award on a competitive basis if finances permit. This will be announced with a closing date. If you, or a local organisation benefitting young Horley residents, may wish to apply please feel free to register an interest so we can let you know if it is to be offered.

To apply for any grant please write a letter to the Chairman of Trustees giving your details and the reason for the grant. Universal grants must be applied for no earlier than three months before and no later than three months after the due date. Discretionary grants may be applied for at any time – please leave time for the assessment process (see above). Remember – you must apply to get a grant. The Trust will not backdate payments for late applications.

Principles: The Trustees are all unpaid volunteers working to administer the Trust and support the children of the village.  In the awarding of grants, the trustees undertake to:

  • Act in a fair, consistent and transparent manner
  • Provide information and assistance with applications
  • Maintain confidentiality for all applicants
  • Provide clear feedback if an award is declined or reduced
  • Protect the sustainability of the Trust

All awards are made at the discretion of the Trustees who may vary the terms of the scheme at any time.

List of Trustees

Member Role Contact Details
Mike Patching Chairman  2 Gulliver’s Close, Horley
Sue Patching Trustee  Tel: 01295 730039
Julie Attfield Trustee Tel: 01295 738898
Graham Curd Trustee Tel: 01295 738624
Fiona Gillespie Trustee Tel: 01295 730815
Jane Huskisson Trustee Tel: 01295 730754
John TIte Trustee Tel: 01295 738334
Barry Moss Trustee Tel: 01295 738490


Further Information

MHT also runs the Village Lottery and Cinema Club via committees.

For further information please contact the Chairman or any of the Trustees.

This information is correct as of 15th December 2014.